05.30.07 :: 9:20 am

i have come to the realization that it's pointless to even complain about the traffic in this town because it's like a naturally occurring phenomenon, akin to the Northern Lights and, i dunno, photosynthesis. it just HAPPENS.

So I will just say once per month and for the record:

In apartment news: I will be spending all my next paychecks on furnishing and painting because we don't have anything.
No bed, sofa, dining table, chairs, desks, desk chairs, television... NADA.

And we have a month to procure these items.

Cue "Flight of the Bumblebee"

Work is great, though.
We're having a meeting with the CEO this afternoon to brainstorm product names and possibly convince him that he should seriously consider obscure band names like "Lilac Time" and "Kelly Affair" ( shoutout!)

My boss (let's call her Stash) is about my age and a really cool girl. We're all becoming friends in this cramped office.
Yesterday she left early to go to an Arcade Fire show. That was after she suggested that it was too hot to work and we should get mid-afternoon Bloody Mary's.
Hello. A woman after my own heart.

My coworker (let's call her Ro) is a petite, sarcasm-fueled, eye-rolling firecracker whose every other word is "fuck."

Truly, I am blessed.

Yesterday, we were informed that the primadonnas in PR wanted to swap desks with us because their office is a centimeter smaller and they're using desks a centimeter larger than ours.
And so it was done.

And Stash got visibly and audibly angered by this diva behavior, calling them "boxes of hair." As in, "dumber than..."

"Those boxes of hair better not cross my path this week."

Good times.
Now, back to naming stuff and looting the kitchen.


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