09.29.06 :: 9:36 am

the last time I was this excited/nervous/spasticated was the night before the start of 4th grade where I stayed up, wide awake and just prayed and prayed and prayed I'd get Mrs. Hart as my homeroom teacher because all the popular girls had her.

I willed it into happening, too, because I had a gut feeling my name would be rendered on her door in construction paper and glitter the next morning and yes and yes sure enough it was.

I would like to will many things into existence for myself in the next two days but all I can muster in my gut is the feeling that I need to poop.

I'm so nervous.
I'm so excited.
I have been 4 seconds away from passing out for the last three days.

Swan and Ruby: Batten down the hatches. Shit's gonna get out of control!

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