2001-06-05 :: 9:57 a.m.

You take one day off and there's a mountain of shit on your desk to deal with the second you get back. This is annoying because when I'm here usually, I get left alone. Only when I'm gone does anyone remember to harass the hell out of me.

So, he came home and yesterday was amazing and fun and full of conversation and so now begins the dirty business of slowly breaking up with our respective "others" and what's going to suck ass is that people have become friends with his girlfriend, but on the upside at least now we can actually show up places together and not feel guilty, even though it's not a secret anymore how he feels about me. It feels really good to let go of the guilt and to stop lying to myself and trying to convince myself that I like dating other boys.

So we start the very slow process of repair. In many departments. And not only with each other.

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