12.15.04 :: 9:43 am

This morning on the subway ride into work, Ryan and I talked "FUTURE."

What probably brought this on was an incredibly spur of the moment, heartfelt admission of the "I want to be around you always" variety last night.

My lease is up in six months.
Stoosh and I have been cordially invited to take up living with Ryan in his pretty brownstone apartment come July '05.

Being that I've lived with a boyfriend (and then a fiance) several times before (and every time it ended badly), I am oddly confident in this version of the theme. It's bewildering, this feeling of calmness. I've hardly ever experienced it in a relationship.

I'm gonna go with it.

And I'm gonna move in with him in six months.

I know it seems like a long ways away, and of course the worst can hapen in that time, but honestly, it feels like just an hour ago that I typed these words.

Time goes by so fucking fast when you meet someone you just wanna be around forever.

Getting older.
Getting wiser (?)
Getting my ducks in a row.

Two more days till cubicle relocation.

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