01.22.06 :: 10:51 am

it's very wrong that i'm totally grossed out by stoosh-dog's ear.
i tried putting some neospoin on the incision like the vet suggested but when my finger brushed up against the stitches, i freaked.

luckily, she doesn't want anyone touching her ear so maybe i'll try again next week when it isn't so angry and red.

i have done absolutely nothing this weekend and it is just as god meant it to be.

and today, lemur is coming over for beers and football and i get my estrogen levels rearranged for several hours.

i learned how to make animated gif's last night, in other news. that was fun.

and i've been on a no pasta/no bread/no taters diet for two or three days and already my belly has receded back to where it needs to be and my butt is smaller.

so there's that.

i think i'll start browing for crap to register for now. yay! pseudo-shopping!

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