03.11.06 :: 3:16 pm

ryan got all industrious today and took apart our bed to make me a desk.
He sawed and sandpapered and dusted up the living room nice and proper but in the end, I got a really amazing desk.

he even drilled holes for my computer wires to run through.

No one's ever built me anything before. i'm verklempt.

but now we need to buy a new bed because the mattress on the floor is so dorm-room-stylee and i'm not that into it.

it's a gorgeous spring day.
but i'm flustered and annoyed because I can't get through a particular level in Resident Evil.

I shouldn't have sold all those incendiary grenades to buy the Punisher. Because now I'm out of ammo and the chainsaw ladies have decapitated me no less than twelve times in a hour.

I'm spent.

I should go ride my bike.
I think I will.

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