02.20.08 :: 10:39 am

still being tortured by this cold.

since we only get 4 sick days a year and i already used one, here i am, plodding away with a head that feels like a ringing bell.

Cue the Horse Laugher. of course.

on the upside, managed to finally book our flights to new orleans in april. now to get the dog vaccinated and find a kennel.

in Tater news, i think i felt him shuffling about in there last night. i was lying on my side and it felt like butterflies in my stomach dopplering really fast from one side to the other.
i can't wait to meet this kid. no, sincerely. i cannot wait to know who this person is and to put his tiny little bebe hands and feets in my mouth.

it's raining and miserable outside. the roof above my desk is leaking. and the wood smells rotted and quite upsettingly poo-like. i bet there are rats up there. and their poo is being soaked by the rain and well, yay-hooray, i get to sit underneath it all. all fucking day.

this fucking place.
this fucking fucking place.

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