05.31.03 :: 5:18 pm

Ruby, Trixie and I attended a party last night that required a hot scrubby shower afterwards.

The apartment was crawling with bugs. We later determined that the people who live there most surely must be squatting.

And speaking of squatting, Ruby sprayed the entire grime-infested bathroom with whatever 409 was left in the grime-covered bottle while I hovered over the grime-blackened toilet.

It was and interesting night. To say the least.

And today she said one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time, in a completely deadpan manner: "The same bar for five nights. Live jazz..... you know I'm allergic to live jazz."

Out of context I realize this may not be amusing. But I have to type it up and save it here because it cracks me right the fuck up.

And it reminds me the lengths we go to.

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