03.01.05 :: 9:32 am

holy shit I'm crippled with the flu.

Last night, I squirmed around in pain in my bed until sweet merciful sleep released me at 2:00 am.

I decided the only way to get rid of it was to sweat it out. FLuids in, sweat it all out. Sweat and sweat and sweat, as Billy Idol would say, except I was not dancing with myself.

Not even close.

So I put on gloves, a hat, a wool sweater, flannel pj's and wool socks and got under a down comforter and a quilt.

I'm still coughy and stuffed, but not as achey or miserable as yesterday. I did lose ten pounds, though. So there's that.

Getting better. Getting better. Lots of chamomile tea with honey.

This thing has given me the craziest raspiest voice. I sound like a retired showgirl after thirty two years of hard living and smoking four packs a day.


Well back to work. Diddy's fragrance isn't going to create itself.

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