11.11.04 :: 9:18 am

With stitches in my ass, I went to my interview yesterday and in another bizarre turn of events, met Puff Daddy.
That is correct.

And it was every bit as surreal as it sounds. He conducts interviews exactly like an episode of "Making the Band."
I had no idea if he knew that I was there to talk about the packaging for his new fragrance, or if he thought I was gonna jump up on the conference table and rap.


Besides the general bizarrity, it went really well. They really do believe I know more than I do. "You come highly recommended," they said.

"mmokaaaaay..." I'm thinking. "You guys know i'm a temp, right?"

So we'll see. This could mean a ca-raaaayyyyzey amount of money for me. I hope I can handle the workload. I think I can.

I've handled more here at Lauder than what Puffy's projecting, so...yeah. So. Puff Daddy. P. Diddy. Sean "Puffy" Combs. Laugh with me now.

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