11.10.04 :: 9:52 am

In the ongoing "If it Ain't One Thing, it's Another" chapter:

Went to the dermatologist yesterday. He did a second biopsy of a patch of rotted meat from my BUTT and determined that it may be psioriasis.

So then I was like "I'm miserable."
And he said, "I know. Which is why we're going to go a little drastic and start you on some pills which should have htis all taken care of within a week."

And I was like "WOOOOOOO! THANKS!"

But he warned, "Well, it's good but we have to monitor you closely because these are immune-suppressing pills that are normally given to organ transplant patients."


And the adventure begins. What doesn't kill me, I guess, will make my psoriasis go away.

That all said and done, I went home crying with two stitches to my sore ass and Moo had cooked for us and bought wine and he totally took care of me like this amazing super deluxe boyfriend-o-matic and he told me he still loved me no matter what and that everything was going to be a-ok.

And it will, I suppose.
Minus a few bajillion dollars in medical bills.
But it will.


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