01.27.05 :: 12:01 pm

I have just created 25 product codes for Mr. P Diddy's fragrance/skincare/grooming line as well as promotional/printed/tester codes and I'm beat. Beat, I tell you.

What is it, noon?

And, just as an FYI to Miss Rubylou Foxx and to myself about the bizarre nature of the universe: My ex wrote me an email today, just as I suspected he would after my weird nightmare about our old apartment.

Whenever I have a dream about him or he passes through my mind, always a few days later there is correspondence.

I don't know. Whatever.
He's doing fine, he's madly in love, he bought a telescope, blah blah blah good for him.

I'm genuinely happy for him, but I just don't care anymore.
And it always amazes me to discover that.

Progress. It's like a special little gift from the Post Breakup Gods.

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