05.13.07 :: 10:28 am

so i'm procrastinating clearing out the garage of all our boxes because it's daunting and also, we're seriously going to have to re-pack everything up again in like 2 months or so.

and i'm not loving this living situation so far but i know it's only temporary
which is why i don't feel like unpacking or doing anything at all whatsoever

and the vicious cycle goes round and round.


so i redesigned my page.
i've had too much coffee for one carbon-based life form,

and i've done laundry.
Meanwhile, I'm a little disheartened and overwhelmed.
I have to learn to drive.
Between the job interviews and the Great Unpacking Debacle, I haven't had the time to learn or to even get a fucking manual...

Total fish out of water.

Also, hi, I have no friends.
My husband does not count, I don't care what anyone says.
My sister-in-law would be a good candidate if I get desperate but she's got her own life and boyfriend and I really would like to not rely on family for my friendship needs.

Call me crazy.

I do have an acquaintance who lives about 45 minutes away (I've learned that EVERYTHING in LA is "45 minutes away"...) and so she's taking me out next Friday.
Maybe she can be my friend.

Dude, I sound like such a whiny baby.

But it's weird. Without my 'Nuns.

feeling nakeys,

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