03.27.05 :: 4:15 pm

i've spent practically half this entire weekend in a reclined position.

one almond/milk body scrub and a 70 minute massage later, it's sunday.

ry and i spent the day (window) shopping in soho with his cousin and her grad school friend and i'm so exhausted, i feel like crying.

i've been a good girl and i haven't spent a dime this weekend. At this rate, I'll be ready for swimsuit season in three weeks.

last night i dreamed i got fired because i never stayed late to check on the printer queue.
and my defense was that i hadn't printed anything that needed extensive monitoring.

What this could mean, who knows. I hope I haven't forshadowed myself into unemployment. that would suck a hellbeast's left testicle.

i'm taking a nap. i have to schedule my surgery tomorrow.

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