10.26.05 :: 11:18 am

in a hilarious turn of events, another person quit yesterday.

Now it is just me. Just me and the executive VP.

What a bizarre story to tell when this is all over.
Should I start sending out resume's as well? Is this a sinking ship?
I can't tell, honestly.

But anyway. I was walking along yesterday around 6 PM after my dermatologist appointment, and the sky was pale grey and it was chilly and breezy
and i crossed a particular avenue that was so empty, i could look all the way downtown and all the way uptown into infinity, it seemed.

and i don't know why, but i got all nostalgic about this town.
the way I suppose you owuld if 95% of your life happened here. Like I missed New York all of a sudden as if I wasn't standing in the middle of a deserted 1st Avenue.

I think it's the weather.

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