02.13.07 :: 9:36 am

talk about having had it, workwise.

little things, too. or not so little things and maybe i've just gotten too used to the stress and abuse.

the first aggravation bonanza being some display fixtures breaking en route to a big meeting and blame being placed on my packing skills

at which point

i just blinked into space and thought "i am standing here, overqualified, having managed this brand for 2 years and they're yelling at me about bubble wrap?"

is this my life, in other words.

At which point I said "I'm sorry the fixtures were broken, but they left my hands swaddled like a newborn babe."

because what can you say to such lunacy?

the second incident that is propelling me towards a Sundaygirl-style intifada is finding out that I need massive amounts of materials for the big presentation i'm giving on thursday, a fact not made clear to me until yesterday, giving me absolutely no time to procure.

it's a long story.
too long for me to even wearily explain.
suffice it to say there's a lot of finger-pointing going on around here and i've become the easiest target.

this and getting called into meetings about shit that doesn't concern me, not even remotely, until 7:30 last night and really really really i've reached the end of my rope.

oh and also add to this the requisition forms i saw lying in the printer for yet another new hire and i'm wondering what the fucking fuck because if it's another person above me, i couldn't be quitting at the best time.
not only are they never going to actually give me the title I am currently working, but they're adding insult to injury.

there's no point in even bitching about this tragic state of affairs any further because i'm giving notice in exactly one month.

unbeknownst to any of these retards.

Lord, just give me the fucking strength to put on my happiest face until then.

over and out.

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