01.10.05 :: 1:09 pm

God. My roommates. Such whores.

One of them tells me yesterday that she's thinking of moving out sometime soon (which is fine, whatever) and then informs me that the OTHER roommate was thinking the same thing.

I am not getting saddled with the responsibility of finding two new roommates in less than a month again. No way.

So I'm devising my own plan.

I'll move out before those bitches. Since Ryan wants me to move in with him, I don't have to look for a new place. Done and done.
I'll just move in sooner than July (when the lease is up) and leave the annoying business of roommate finding to the 2 ingrates I live with.

Check and check.

I just gotta get all my CD's imported by June, and I'm set.

Sayonara, suckas.

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