06.16.08 :: 9:43 am

And so a blissful, work-free work week begins.

I got all caught up on my tan this father's day weekend, while maintaining absolute stillness atop floating devices in the in-laws' pool.

palm springs was a balmy 110 degrees in the AM and a breezy 85 degrees at night.
My in laws don't like keeping the AC on overnight.

Which, combined with being so pregnant that I'm my own source of radiating heat, was grueling to say the least.

I spent half the night applying wet washcloths and raising my feet to keep them nearer to the ceiling fan.


When we got back to LA, I gave Ryan his presents (I know technically he's not a dad yet, but whatever. Any reason to see him smile): Cookbooks by Jacques Pepin and Mario Batali and matching father/son t-shirts in binary.
He spent half an hour trying to explain to me how an endless string of 1's and 0's spelled out "Dad" but I passed out halfway through.

I love my Geek.

Then I decided it was the perfect afternoon to assemble the blindingly colorful and wonderfully tacky baby swing we got (but didn't register for).
I actually did a great job, with minimal assistance from Ryan.

And in the end we wound up with this monstrosity in our living room.
The rainforest setting is kinda nice, though, I have to admit. Distant monkey sounds accompanied by soft rain.
So much for trying to avoid gawdy plastic baby things.

I bet, though, that this ill be Oliver's most favorite thing in the world and will be indispensable.

Ain't it the way... ain't it the way...

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