06.06.04 :: 2:53 pm

God, the hilarity.

I don't even think I have the energy to type out what transpired last night but here are the keywords:

PJ Harvey secret show, PJ Harvey's biggest fan, 4 hour wait-time before alleged PJ Harvey show, 4 bad bands, $50 worth of drinks while waiting for alleged PJ Harvey show, beer spillage on pants a total of 4 times, getting kicked out while waiting for show to start for inexplicable reasons, locking ourselves in bathroom to hide, getting caught, getting kicked out, cursing, boycotting venue, leaving, getting drunk, becoming 3rd and 4th wheels on a date we shouldn't have been invited to in the first place, eating a burrito on a stoop, drunk, drunk, "let's go to a bar," 3:30 am, drunk, drunk, pass out on couch in clothes.

What a night. I'm sorry we didn't get to see PJ Harvey, but that was the most ridiculousness ever handed over to me in all my life.

Still, I'd do it all over again because Ruby and I keep ourselves really fucking entertained.

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