08.29.05 :: 7:47 pm

And here's the story.

We went to Greece, on a prettypretty little island called Antiparos, where we lived in a tiny apartment:

Right around the corner, we discovered Margarita's, which served the most scrumptious greek yogurt/greek honey/greek fruit combo ever to happen to our expanding bellies:

We went to pretty beaches

We contemplated the ocean and the pretty boats

We ate at an amazing restaurant and then swung in the hammocks behind it during the huge orange full moon's ascent

Six days later found us at my summer home on the not-as-pretty but equally enjoyable island of Evia, where my front patio looks out onto magnificent olive trees

And the fragrant lemon tree by our front door

I attempted to bond with our collie, Frida, but she was too hot and lazy to walk with me

A typical midday snack, Ouzo and cigarettes

Just Ouzo for me, thanks. Here I am, reaching my most Grecian Formula levels:

That night, under a black sky dusted with the entire map of constellations, I got my bling. Platinum hand-made band (matte!), circular diamond (carats witthheld!) sitting flush against it. Perfecto!

Frida was so happy, she licked Ryan's feet which made him laugh

That week, we we celebrated with twelve of my friends, and my three cousins at a restaurant called The Box (run by lesbians, natch) which overlooked the Acropolis and the ancient marketplace

And then on Saturday, we said goodbye to the Motherland and travelled back o the US. On the flight home, I took pictures of the landscape to calm me down.

And that, my friends, is that.
I can't say that I'm too thrilled to be home, but the things that keep me floating to the surface are my Ruby And The Girls, and the fact that I will be living with the light-of-my-life-fire-of-my-loins in one month, and that I get to plan a wedding.

OK, minus the last one. I'm not totally insane.

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