01.08.10 :: 2:27 pm

I'm becoming lazier and lazier when it comes to this site and today is Oliver's 18 month birthday and I should have an entry ready with pictures and everything but I am currently working on a gallery-style presentation of actual photos in our office of the year and half we've spent with the boy.

So far it's 19 pictures in two sizes (8x10 and 5x7), framed and ready to be hung.

I'm working on the layout and it's all very nerdy of me but I'm doing it in Illustrator to get the dimensions and locations exactly right.

This is how it will look, right above our computer screens:

Along with this project, I've got a whole wedding invitation suite to design.

I love keeping busy and being creative.
Would that a career in picture hanging and graphic design fall into my lap.


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