03.13.02 :: 9:43 am

What is this? This causing of the phlegm for three weeks?

It's not my smoking, is it? Am I dying?

Fuck that. Dying is not on my events calendar until somewhere in the ballpark of 2055.

I'm very excited to day. I think I will be all day. Because today is the day of My Boy's band's show, and I haven't seen them play in what seems like years.

Oh, and I forgot to say that I no longer work as a waitress anymore.

Clearly, I got fired.

But it's because I didn't show up to a "really critical staff meeting" that lasted for three hours on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Can you blame me?

So they decided to make an example of me.

I personally am thankful. I have my Sunday nights back to watch Six Feet Under and Home Movies.

And to sleep in until 1 and not feel like I've wasted an entire day because I have to go to work in four hours.

I am free, people. Free.

Cashing checks for $10.57 was so not my bag, anyway.

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