03.28.05 :: 2:44 pm

surgery scheduled for april 6; so not into it.
and that's all i'm gonna say about that.

my saucy starlet and i are kicking around the idea of throwing a party, for no particular reason other than we miss some social friends whom we don't get to see that often anymore.
And what better reason to throw a party than to celebrate friendship and drinking buddy-dom?

i had another idea to make the party be a celebration of Ruby's and my 5 year anniversary of Whorenunnery... though it's probably been longer than that.
How the years go by. Etcetera.

A Ruby & Sharon Anniversary Fiesta Taco Salad Party, if you will.

Maybe we'll even get presents.

I've got invitation ideas in the form of wondrous Photoshop wizardry.

Clearly, I'm keeping my brain busy so as not to dwell on the unpleasantness surrounding my ute, and to keep my stress way down.

So much for the "Good Health" portion of my "Good People, Good Health" rule but the Good People part seriously makes up for it. Fiftyfold.

I can't believe I trekked all over Soho yesterday for four hours and bought nothing.
Truly, it's the end of days.

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