09.21.04 :: 9:45 am

Palm Springs, here we come.

Moo and I are going to have a little Cali vacation in about two weeks. A nice, poolside-by-the-desert mini-break from the tedium and ickiness that is New Yuck.

Seriously, the day's not even half over and I've already been ogled, rubbed upon on the subway, and offered the services of a gentleman who's specialty is, I guess, licking I guess... I mean, judging by the gestures he made at me while hanging out of his car.


So anyway. First thing's first: get myself the job at MAC (which, if it doesn't happen, will honestly be a sign from the universe that I am always and forever going to be shit out of luck) and then chill out in the desert with Moo. Perfection.

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