04.16.02 :: 9:40 am

OK, that show fucking rocked.

I can't even stress it enough. Andrew W.K. was fantastic. Blew me away. And the greatest part about him is that he seems so genuinely psyched to be there. He dove into the audience, hung out after the show, and tossed me a Chupa Chup.

Fucking rad.

Now, back to the quiet desperation of life.

Did anyone else know that today is national "Self" Day? This is real. And I'm a little perplexed. Do we as a nation really need an entire day devoted to being even more self-involved than usual? "Self" Day in the U.S. just seems a little redundant. I'm only saying.

For my Self Day, I'm going to take a two hour lunch in this 90 degree weather, and go to Central park and eat ice cream.

I can't forget to buy Stoosh dog food today. Because last night I had to improvise, so she had fusilli.

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