04.14.02 :: 4:08 pm

Any party that ends with the host smearing blue paint on his face and lying down in a puddle of beer is a total wild success.

Also, any party that features sweaty dancing and spinning along with the disco ball in complete abandon is my kind of event.

I have yet to shower but lest you think I'm all Josie Grossy, I have a very good reason. Shaner gave me a copy of Photoshop 6 and I've been going blind with fascination, downloading all sorts of goodies and plug-ins and generally growing roots out of my ass in this chair while I manipulate photos to look "melancholy."

God bless pirated software.

Also, God bless random moving-out sales on the street where we bought 60's style furniture, paintings, and a vase. All for under ten bucks.

OK, seriously, I'm starting to smell. Time to scrub and scrape the grime off.

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