02.20.05 :: 11:26 am

Party was a total blast. I've got the hangover to prove it.
And I am so fucking sore today, I feel like a little old lady. I can't tell if it's from the pilates or the dancing in heels I did last night but in any event, ow.

Someone tried to start junior high-style drama with me last night about a comment I made in passing, but you know what I love about me? I mean, besides everything...
I love that I was like "Yeah, I did say that. I'm sorry you were offended, but I didn't imply anything mean by it." And that was that. The girl was like "Oh. Well, the way you tell it is different."
And then I said "Well whoever told it to you to begin with has too much time on her hands."

And then, because I'm awesome, I got bought shots and drinks all night.

Seriously. Don't mess with me. I rule.

OK, the dog needs bathing. I can hardly stand to share the bed with her, she stinks so big.

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