05.09.02 :: 8:50 pm

Sometimes you have those evenings where the only way to get out massive frustration is to just clean. And clean and clean and scrub and wash and launder and polish and dust and vaccuum and sweep until you're so exhausted you can barely follow a Simpsons episode.

That was me today, due to the Theater of Pain that is my workplace. Mostly, it's the Gestapo's fault. She's a torture artist. I wonder why I never noticed it before. She must be getting really comfortable with me. Fabulous!

I don't care.

I'm packing my jeans tomorrow and changing at five promptly and marching on down to my sweet little haven with my sweet little girls and make all the badshit liquefy and evaporate.

I can go for ages with just that 5 PM every week to look forward to. As long as I know that's still there and the girls are still there. I'm golden.

For tonight, though, Ladytron are making me incredibly giddy. Enjoy the looks of them while I enjoy the sounds of them :

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