01.15.06 :: 2:15 pm

poor little stoosh-dog.
something happened two days ago where she injured the inside of her ear somehow and now she has a clump of blood - a hematoma - trapped in there, making her ear all swollen and pillowy.

So I took her to the vet and spend $230 on getting part of it drained to determine it wasn't an abcess and now she's on antibiotics and ear drops and I have to decide if I want to take her in for surgery.

because if they don't drain it and sew it up completely, it will scar her ear. "cauliflower ear" the vet called it.

The surgery is cosmetic, basically.

I feel bad. Am I a bad parent if I don't get it done?
Would I not still love her as much as I do with a cauliflower ear?

In better news, THREE DAY WEEKEND!

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