11.09.07 :: 9:02 am

needless to say, i am glad it's the weekend.

it's actually chilly today (at a whopping 62 degrees) and I'm in the mood for butternut squash soup.
and flannel jammies.

and movies all weekend. of the shitty-funny-scary kind.

next week we have a visitor. ryan's bff paul is coming to stay with us for a couple of days.
i'm excited. he's gonna bring video games and we'll probably go out to fancypants restaurants.
i should probably buy an air mattress.

Yesterday, a dog took a crap on the floor here in the office.
And I jammed a "suggestion" in the suggestion box that animals who are not housebroken not be allowed in the office.

This will probably cause an uproar.
I give -800 shits, though.

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