2001-06-22 :: 11:02 a.m.

Found ourselves at the old man bar last night, me and My Boy, drinking bourbon & ginger ales, shooting the shit with the bartender and getting tipsy, laughing at the freaks on "Blind Date."

"That... was the worst date ever. In the history."

Talked about connections, different kinds... the specialness of something especially special and all that mushy true stuff that gets coaxed into the foreground after a few rounds.

'Nun gathering after work today at Ms. Ruby Redd Foxx's lair. Meeting of the minds, and wallets. Change of clothes, shots of whatever's handy, and a deodorant application later, we're off to My Boy's show, all the way same strides, wisecracking singalongs.

Maybe later we'll move the party elsewhere but this 'Nun has to be up at 7:30 tomorrow morning for work, so I don't know how hardcore I can get tonight.

Join us.... joooooin uuuuussss....

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