07.28.08 :: 10:12 am

we're at new lows, people, new lows.

oliver is not one of those happy smiley babies. he fluctuates anywhere between Extreme Fussiness Level 1 to DEFCON FUCKING 5 at any given time.

I spend about 20 out of 24 hours hoping he'll just pass out so we can have some quiet.
I love him so much and it kills me to think these things.

I want him to be happy so bad, but nothing works.
Only when he's sleeping is he peaceful.

Everyone tells me it will pass but he's been like this since he exited the womb, pretty much, so when can we expect to see a light at the end of the tunnel?
When he's five?

I feel like such a fucking pussy complaining about it, too. As if I haven't had my share of sleepless nights in my past.
Granted, they never lasted 3 consecutive weeks...

If this ends us, I'd like our obituary to read that we were survived by Gripe Water, a Hotsling, and the Five S's.

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