09.08.06 :: 9:50 am

i'm either fucking pregnant or my insides are all wrong because i'm two weeks late and i know i just got off the pill last month and things can be a little wonky and irregular afterwards but i'm also feeling crampy and yet nothing comes of it so i guess hello EPT for me and it's kinda laughable to me that pregnancy would even be a possibility i mean my reproductives have been hacked to pieces several times over but whatever, EPT.

You shoulda seen the look in his eyes. Half deer-in-headlights, half-hopeful.

I'm not pregnant. There's no way.
But it's good to know where we stand with it.

Needless to say, I feel like ASS today. Absolut Ass. (The new vodka campaign!)
And I have to go to this gala event later tonight for work for some magazine, fuck it, at least I have that adorable Marc Jacobs dress to throw on my corpse.

SO tired.

3 weeks to go till wedded bliss. Almost there, sweetness, almost there.

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