04.10.04 :: 2:27 pm

Mr. M called from North Carolina where he's doing the Passover thing with the fam and it was a surprise, but I think it surprised him more that I am sick as a dog.

The steroids have lowered my immune system to the point where I think I have the flu and there was a detectable pang of sympathy in his voice when I hacked up some phlegm mid-conversation.

"I'll come check up on you when I get back," he said.

Don't do me any favors, bub. On the inside. What I said was "OK." And, even more stupidly, "I miss you."

"I miss you too."

Too little too late.

Continue with your running away.

I've got Netflix and her band's website to keep me busy.

I am barely holding it together, here.

And, as if my behavior hasn't been ridiculously bizarre already, I found myself at church this morning at nine to receive communion and hope that whoever's in charge forgives me for whatever sin-o-las I've committed in this life because I'd like a second chance, k, please?

Anyway. I'm hepped up on meds, and I'm taking a walk. It's a lovely spring day and my heart's in it.

for now.

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