04.21.04 :: 1:59 pm

Had a really yummtastic sushi lunch with my ex-fiance and it was a really good time.

I'm sometimes amazed at how good we are at being awesome to each other as friends. He lifted my spirits and asserted that I am not the same asshole-y girl he dated so many moons ago. And he also asserted that Mr. M is a dingus. Period. End of sentence.

It felt good to know we'd let go of all the resentment and anger and we could just be two old friends who've known each other for over ten years, gossiping and laughing.

We then went to Borders where I purchased the second series of The Office on DVD and he bought a Playstation game at the Sony store. Some things never change. But these things kind of make me feel a little bit safer, strangely.

I don't know.

Some days I think "what was the point of meeting Mr. M anyway?" And then I remember asking myself the same question about the ex-fiance, and I guess I figured out that it feels good to know that he's around. Because he is one of the scant few who truly knows me.

Again, there is nothing better for me right now than that kind of comfort.

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