04.04.09 :: 7:09 pm

so the child has regressed back to his brand-spankin'-new days of not sleeping at night and it's taking a toll on our life.

like, i want to die all the time now.

sweet, sweet death.

i'm exhausted from being exhausted all the time and there's no sign that this newest development is going anywhere any time soon so we may as well take it in and accept it as our own.

dude i am so tired i don;t even know what i'm talking about...
oh wait yeah sleeplessness.

yeah so he wakes up three hours after we put him down for the night and then he's just up and ready to party and if we try to put him back to bed he screams like he knows the neighbors will get worried.

i feel drunk. would that i were so lucky.

he's almost 9 months old and yet the kids in his playgroup his age are half his size.
it's scary.
he wears real shoes, like with traction and shit.
for walkers.

all the other babies are still in delicate little crib shoes.

my baby is a giant.

in relationship news, the mister bought me a present from a clothing store and it was so nice and unexpected.
i love that.
it's like flowers, but better.

dude i'm so tired. so tired.

i love how i think i'm going to want another baby.
oh my god. someone divorce me of this notion before i start stopping taking my pills.

i feel like i'm writing in english but through a web translator.

i'm going to stop now before i start making sense.

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