06.06.08 :: 9:38 am

Wardrobe Malfunction #2.

Winnie: [SHRIEKING] Oh my god, we're both wearing shirtdresses today!!!!! [HORSE LAUGH]
Me: Well, technically, you're wearing just a shirt.

And SCENE. And yes.
Yet again, Winnie has forgotten to dress her bottom half.
She goes up and down the stairs and flashes everyone her ass and vagina.

I want to give her shaken baby syndrome.
I want to be like "Dude, your home may be a Pants Free Zone but you're at work now and you need to DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THE TWO."

And also, STOP MAKING ME NAUSEOUS, you classless ho.

Then later:

Winnie: [staring at the flowers on Stash's desk] Oh my God!!! Those flowers are, like, MAGIC. Yesterday? They were all like weird looking?! And now they're FINE! Isn't that amazing??? They actually TELL YOU when they need watering! How does it DO THAT??
Me: Um. You mean wilting? That's a function of all plants.

People, is she serious? Is this serious? I can't do anything but laugh at her openly now. And hope against hope that she's sterile.

I have 2 more weeks left of this madness!

In good news, my shower is tomorrow. Huzzah! I can't wait to eat whatever it is my mother-in-law's got cookin. And ooooh and aaaaah at little bebby stuffs. And smoooosh the cheeks of actual! real! live! babies!
Two of them!

Cue the maternal instincts!

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