11.04.07 :: 12:41 pm

bloated and cranky and breaking out but nothing a shopping spree at the outlets couldn't fix.
i bought a dress, 3 sweaters, and 2 shirts and had to hold myself back at the Barney's Co-op because I almost bought the most adorable trench.
Maybe next week, fuck it.

I had a terrible nightmare this morning and nausea out the wazoo.

Ryan said the words "BLT" and I nearly vomited all over myself and him. Of course an hour later, I devoured one like it was my first meal in ages. So there's that.

And I've been sleeping ALL DAY, on and off.

I don't know what's going on but I refuse to think I'm pregnant. Because I don't have any "real" symptoms like with my boobs or anything.

It's Sunday and later we might head over to a movie premiere because one of our friends is in it. fun times.

happy daylight savings.

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