09.14.07 :: 8:49 am

so yeah obviously the results were bad and my follow-up appointment turned into a colposcopy and you know how much I just love those.
I started freaking out pretty bad but my new doctor kind of rocks.
She's got attitude where it counts and sympathy where it counts more.

So she gave me pills for the pain and for the anxiety and it was all over within ten minutes and I hardly felt a thing.

except of course for that douche-chilling shuddering you get when you're being rummaged from the inside.

Results in a week.
But luckily, anything that I may need to have done to me after this I can be put under anesthesia in the hospital.

No sex for 2 weeks. This puts a minor halt on the babymaking proceedings.
But what can you do.

Oh, and I need to mention this because it totally rubbed me the wrong way but while sitting in the waiting room amidst a bunch of pregnant ladies, a woman came out from her appointment and showed everyone her sonogram.

I don't know. I get that she's happy she's pregnant. But this is an infertility clinic as well as OB/GYN.
So I was pretty annoyed with her.
Maybe I'm being too sensey-defensey but when I'm waiting my turn to get my insides julienned, I don't really appreciate being blatantly reminded of my faulty wiring, so to speak.
I don't really need the happily pregnant to rub it in my face.

It's like doing cartwheels in front of a recent amputee.

Ugh. Whatever.
I'm just going to focus on my trip to new york next week and the fabulousness that will ensue.

It will do me good to get my mind off all of this babymaking I'm not doing.

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