10.24.05 :: 9:38 am

Ruby's birthday was a crapload of fun and I got bombed out of my head on whiskey, which aided in forgetting the massive payroll fuckup at work that's left me with less than a hundred bucks in checking, overdue bills, and no relief in sight until tomorrow.

Other than that, it was a stellar weekend.

Spent Saturday night impregnating one of my Sim women repeatedly (highly recommended - hijinks galore), cooked a kick-ass dinner with ryan and his friend, paul, and played the new video games he bought.

Sunday was Oyster Day.
Lemur came over, I continued impregnanting my Sim woman, and we dined on raw Oysters and cheese and crackers and wine and it was really swank. Which is pretty funny if you think about the fact that I'm a day away from total bankruptcy.

Gotta laugh to keep from crying. I always say.

And speaking of crying, got a preliminary contract with my wedding location and I honestly thought there was a typo. Like, an extra 1 or 0 thrown in there or something.

No, it's correct.

Holy shit and holy shit.
This is going to be the most frivolously expensive party I've ever thrown.

Well, you only get married once, right? One should hope!

Off to cry-scream at Human Reosurces some more.

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