03.05.07 :: 9:42 am

and then Stoosh peed the couch (hello, UTI) all the way through, about 2 hours before her birthday bash and, well, we are now couchless until further notice.

We've been debating whether or not to just buy a new one or wait until we move to LA, but honestly the thought of sitting on the floor and dining chairs for a month and a half is a little bit too ugh for me.

So we'll see.

My tax return this year was quite substantial, so I'm hoarding it away (with the exception of a shirt purchase - hey, a girl's gotta look cute!) because God knows how the work situation
in LA is going to pan out.

The thought of being unemployed for more than a month is giving me such a case of heartburn, you have no idea.

It's Monday.
Two thumbs down.

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