07.19.05 :: 9:39 am

my rocktastic girl goes off on tour at the end of the week and i am going to miss her. may she bring the caustic rock and roll in full force.
fortunately, we will have footage(evidence) of any and all debaucherous acts as she is taking my video camera with her.

I'm excited because I haven't edited annything in a while, and I want to make them a nice commemorative CD-R of their trip.

Maybe put a 30 second clip of it on their website for shits and giggles.

I'm getting ahead of myself.
But it is going to be fun.
Touring is a blast, especially when you're with good people.

In monetary news, I've been doing a good job of not spending a single penny this week. I know it's only Tuesday. But I have forgone morning coffee twice so far, and I've made my lunch twice so far and I think I can do this.

Until the weekend, at least.

I miss coffee. I hope it remembers me when I return.


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