07.20.08 :: 4:48 pm

having in-law issues with boundaries as of late.

i get that everyone's excited about the tater.

but planning all these visits not even 2 weeks post-partum is beginning to wear me down.
he's an infant! he's barely out of the womb and they're already bombarding hm with unnecessary stimulation.

and then there's me, 2 weeks after major fucking surgery and they won't let me rest!

the latest aggravation is that they invited us to dinner next week and i'm thinking they are certifiably insane.

I'm not going anywhere! I'm sleep-deprived and on painkillers! Where the fuck do they expect me to go?
And with a 2-week old infant to boot?

They are out of their goddamned minds.

Of course, the mister has problems saying no or something so of course I get to be the bad guy but at this point I don't care.

Can't we be allowed to settle into a comfortableutine?
Can't we catch our breaths?

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