08.09.04 :: 3:19 pm

If my life were normal, I'd be in JFK right now, getting my bags and crevices searched and what not, and getting ready to board a flight to Athens.

But no.

Because I am a nimrod of the HIGHEST caliber. I "misplaced" my passport.

Any fucking REGULAR human being would have checked and double checked WEEKS in advance for this VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL to be squared away, but I am a loser and a fucking moron.

So I checked this morning for it and I couldn't find it, what a surprise.

The rest of the day was spent crying at passport agency offices, running back and forth from my mother's apartment to the post office with photocopies of my birth certificiate, changing my flight to WEDNESDAY and hoping that I can get a passport issued in FORTY-EIGHT HOURS.

Then, on the 11th subway ride of the day, it DAWNS on me...

"I know where my passport is..."

And yeah. Sure enough. I remembered that I had lost my wallet back in March and was using this other wallet in place of it and using my passport as ID. Then my lost wallet gets mailed back to me, and I totally forget about the other wallet and my passport.


Well, anyway. t least I got laundry done. And at least I'm not at work.

And, it's only two days that I'm missing, so no big deal in the end.


Oh, and Dr. PS called me to tell me the good and bad news.

The bad news, I gotta go for another yummy colposcopy in January because of some pre-cancerous jammies up in my jammyjam.

The good news is, it's nothin gto get too freaked out about because MY CERVIX IS NICE AND CLEAN. Thank you Jebus!

OK. I think I'm gonna go get a mani/pedi to forget this ridiculous day.


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