2001-06-12 :: 1:35 p.m.

I had lunch outside just now and smoked some Lucky Strikes (I know, I know bad Sundaygirl) and got some kind of weird sun-blotchiness thing on my thighs which I hope goes away, because, ew, and also I believe I might be certifiably insane because I think people are talking to me when it's doubtful that they are, and I really wish I could load stupid Instant Messenger on this craptacular computer because email is slow as fuck, and I'm really so excited for this summer of barbecues-hopefully and clear nights and bare feet and good music and spiked lemonade and Greece and you don't have to be sure about this but I am and I know I can be better about everything I wasn't so good about before and don't mind me if I'm rambling because this is my well-deserved and purely enjoyable nicotine high.


Mozzarella tastes really good with pepper.

I need to get over not being able to go to the bathroom in this office. This is a very embarassing problem. I can go, it's just incredibly difficult and scary. I needed to say that.

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