05.11.03 :: 7:26 pm

Girls' Night was a success primarily due to JonKyle's discovery of the only bar in Manhattan that lets you smoke.

So of course we run up a two-hundred dollar tab or so, made friends with the waitress, shed tears of joy over the cigarette menu, and went home the happiest we'd been in aaaaages.

One pizza-stomping later and on empty bellies, we crashed. Hard.

No hangover would be complete without bacon cheeseburgers deluxe and "Silence of the Lambs" with the million-dollar idea to give it the Rocky Horror Picture Show treatment. Midnight showings, and everything.

People standing up and throwing Jergens at the screen when Jodie gets jizzed on, shouting "I'd fuck me!", and other fun audience participation antics.


And another work week is upon us. I've got some art projects on the front burner and summer plans.

On the up and up.

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