09.25.04 :: 1:32 pm

Lemur's roommate is one of the featured students on IFC's "Film School" so last night we watched the premiere and drank I think what amounted to a thousand liters of bourbon.

This will make for an interesting day of hanging out with Moo's folks. Moo, who by the way is acting like a real ass.
I don't know if it's because he's stressed with his parents around or what, but when I called to ask where I should meet them he was very short with me and it took all the strength inside me not to be like "Look, dick, I don't even want to hang out with your parents! This isn't my idea of fun either!"

But I held my tongue.
Because. I guess that's what you do.

Anyway. I bought a really precious pair of black flats yesterday and positively ransacked the backs of my heels walking around in them.

I am effectively crippled for the week. Wonderful. I never ever learn.

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