02.22.02 :: 11:18 am

Last night was wow.

365 izones of the agony and ecstasy of love and marriage.
Inspirational, to say the least. Made me and My Boy want to document our life together in personalized Chinese fortune cookies.

Good food, good people, good conversations.

My head feel like it's inside a huge pot and someone's banging on the sides with wooden spoons.

My Aunt called my mother this morning to comment about seeing my father on television again, doing a press conference. His team won a championship and they're going to some finals or whatnot.

This is interesting because we were just talking about my dad last night. How I never talk about him here. But I feel like it would only be dishing dirt on the facts surrounding my parents' divorce at this point. I've already gone through the therapy needed, and I've come to terms with my feelings about it, and the kind of person he is.

This space in d-land is reserved, I guess, for the multitudes of other types of therapies I need.

One of which is my growing fear of alcoholism, flying, and disease.

Neurosis, party of one, your table is ready.

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