06.04.04 :: 9:42 am

I saw "Mean Girls" last night and I have to say, I thought parts of it were really fucking clever.

Of course, it helped that Lemur and I got loaded on vodka beforehand.

I passed out, clothed, with the TV on in my bed several hours later and had a really strange and heartbreaking dream about Mr. M.

The gist of it was that he wanted to come back to me and I welcomed him with open arms and when I began kissing him all over his face, he asked me to slow down and suggested we needed to take things at a snail's pace.

There was some other stuff... I don't know. It made me sad. I wish I could make myself stop thinking/caring about him still. What my problem is exactly, I have no idea.

I guess I'm one of those people who dwell on uncontrollable situations.

It's been a year since the ex-fiance and I broke up, and a suitable replacement has yet to surface.

Scratch that; replacement is the wrong word. "New Boyfriend" is better.

NB, wherever you are, just know that I've stopped looking for you.

And I've gone the celibate route, too. I might make exceptions to makeouts, but other than that, I'm out of comission.

So. Tired.

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