12.20.06 :: 9:21 am

yesterday i took my first ever pregnancy test.

of course, i am not pregnant. there is something far more sinister at work here, but still.

it was a milestone.

i've gone 31 years without a single, legitimate scare.

i have to say though, while peeing on the stick, part of me was freaked out beyond all measurable belief.
But a smaller part of me was like, "dude, what if?"

and a whilrwind of miniature socks and onesies flashed before my eyes and for a very brief moment i thought it might be kind of great.

Then again, New Year's without booze is depressing.

Ryan left for L.A. this morning.
I'll miss him, but I like having total run of the house for and extended period of time.

Friday, I'm inviting friends over to watch the immortal, inimitable classic "Riding the Bus with my Sister."

Spiked eggnog and Rosie O'Donnell "acting" retarded.
What's more Christmasy than that?

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